College Prep Academy Staff

The Jennings School Board members selected instructors who are committed to ensuring College Prep Academy students are provided instructional methods that educate, challenge, and support student learning.  Instructors provide a learning atmosphere that encourages students to work independently and as a collaborative team.  Instructors follow the JSD curriculum that is aligned to the Missouri and Common Core Standards. The College Prep Academy staff have monthly meetings with the Jennings High School ninth grade instructors as part of a vertical teaming process to ensure continuity as the students transition to the ninth grade.    

The instructors are held accountable for student achievement and have set high standards and expectations that are monitored and assessed to ensure that students are challenged and achieve at their highest potential. 



Administrative Staff
Davis, Melba Administrator
Allen , Carl Physical Education/Teacher
Coonrod, Megan Instumental Music/Teacher
Foster, Kathy Communication Arts/Teacher
Gage, Kay Counselor
Hoffman, Margaret Visual Arts/Teacher
Jefferson , Carla Science/Teacher
Jones, Sherry Vocal Music/Teacher
Keys, Angela Communication Arts/Teacher
Puyear, Kasey Mathematics/Teacher
Russell, Chang-hee Mathematics/Teacher
Smith, Tyler Mathematics/Teacher
Thomas , Danny Physical Education/Teacher
Vambaketes , Arthur Social Studies/Teacher
Weaver , Brian Social Studies/Teacher
Support Staff
Marsh, Carol Administrative Assistant